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Our auto repair shop in Belleville, IL also performs custom car work. We help car enthusiasts build their own custom automobiles and outfit the vehicles with a variety of aftermarket parts. Our team also specializes in car restoration projects, predominantly in remodeling hot rods. Our passion for all things cars drives us to sincerely serve each and every one of our clients.

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Schaefer Automotive provides a complement of vehicle maintenance services to cover most common car problems. If you are unsure which service to choose, or you have no clue what issues are plaguing your car right now, feel free to drop by our center to have your vehicle diagnosed. Allow us to assess your automobile’s condition and determine what needs to be done.

Our customers are as important to us, as your car is to you.


A vehicle that has broken down can be frustrating and inconvenient at the same time. Being unable to use your car is pretty terrible on its own, but the prospect of having to sink a lot of money to have it repaired can be just as vexing. There is also the matter of selecting a capable service center that can perform quality repairs on your automobile—how will you know that the people working on your vehicle can be trusted?

Put your worries aside, and let Schaefer Automotive take good care of your automobile. We are an experienced auto repair center based in the Belleville, IL area, and we only want to serve our customers right every time. As an ASE Recognized Business, we know all there is to know about automotive mechanics and maintenance. Our extensive knowledge of auto repair is backed by our commitment to genuine service, and we aim to please.


 We understand how it is like to be without your own car, so we waste no time in addressing your automobile’s most pressing issues. Our Belleville auto repair team expertly accomplishes all the repair and replacement work your vehicle needs without skimping on parts or cutting any corners. You can be assured that every service we extend is done completely, and we offer a Top Quality Guarantee to further placate your worries.

It can be a lesson in frustration to deal with auto shops, particularly those that suddenly surprise you with hidden costs once the bill arrives. Unlike such dubious establishments, Schaefer Automotive is all about genuine service, and we name our price for our services upfront. Pay only for what you need, and receive unparalleled quality automotive service that is reasonably priced.


1923 T Bucket

“The Rat Rig”

1960 F100 Project

1987 C10 Build