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Send Your Old or Pre-loved Cars to an Auto Repair in Belleville, Il


Sep 3, 2014 Industry News 0 Comments

Whether it’s for practicality or sentimentality, most residents of Illinois Valley are driving ‘American-made’ vehicles, and these vehicles have been very old. News Tribune reported:

The NewsTribune conducted an analysis of more than 33,000 vehicles registered in North Central Illinois. We found that “Buy American” still resonates among residents when choosing a vehicle.

Chevrolet accounts for nearly one in four vehicles being driven in North Central Illinois, according to vehicle data obtained from the Illinois Secretary of State. Chevy, Ford and Dodge comprised nearly half the area’s fleet.

Since the recession, more people in Illinois Valley have steered toward buying used cars. According to analysis, the average year for registered vehicles is 1996.

what is the illinois valley driving these days

Old to new

While used, vintage cars may feel snazzy, secondhand buyers are advised to buy pre-loved or salvaged cars registered by a Belleville, IL auto repair shop like Schaefer Automotive, as required by state law.

To make your old car feel brand-new, it may need a makeover. Start by clean everything from the windshields to the interior– it may sound simple, but there’s actually some risk as will need to touch the engine too. Be sure to clear out your A/C system as it’s probably stuffed with mold and bacteria. If your car looks worn out because of chipped or dull paint, a repaint might be in order.

If your car’s been around for awhile, the electronics systems might already be worn worn out. If needed, you can replace your old sound system by integrating a newer system with an iPod or device port.

There’s no harm in changing the brakes, shock absorbers, or springs. Just make sure not to go too over the top and simply replace what is necessary. Lastly, you can make your car feel new again with new or maintained wheels and tires.


Whether old or new, every car needs proper maintenance. For aging or ‘aged’ cars, paying more attention to your A/C, brakes, and engine is a basic for keeping your car running.

Make sure to replace your old car’s coolant and heater hoses as they could incur an unwanted smell. To check for your brakes, make them bleed– if the brakes bleed dark fluid with rubber and rust, it needs total repair and replacement.

When checking oil from your engine, make sure that the fluid isn’t black and doesn’t have silver-colored bits. If so, you must drain the oil and replace the oil filter and fill the case with synthetic oil. Test-drive the car for 50 or 100 miles and keep repeating until the oil is clear.

Lastly, be sure to have experts guide your car maintenance efforts. Visit an established Belleville, IL auto repair shop to fix all complications properly.

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