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Finding Someone Dependable to Do Quality Auto Repair in Belleville, IL


Jul 28, 2014 Info Articles 0 Comments

Looking for an auto mechanic is kind of like looking for a pediatrician and a babysitter rolled into one. You wouldn’t entrust your bundle of joy to anybody but the best. In your vehicle’s case, finding an honest and qualified mechanic will save you time and money, not to mention a whole lot of anxiety. Trent Hamm, a contributing writer for The Simple Dollar, knows this all too well.

“…it pays a lot to have an auto mechanic that you trust…What really sets the trustworthy mechanics apart are the ones that quote you reasonable and fair prices, work on your vehicle in an ethical and fair manner (meaning they fix what they say they’re going to fix), and are careful about preventative measures to ensure you don’t run into additional problems down the road.”

Search your Network

Use your connections to ask around for referrals or recommendations. Inquire about what kind of job was done for your friend or colleague. Was the work finished on time? Was the cost of the work fair? Are they certified with entities such as AAA, BBB, and ASE? Is the shop or mechanic available on weekends? What are their business hours?

finding an auto mechanic that you trust

Family-owned and friendly

Many motorists are partial to family-owned businesses like Schaefer Automotive because they enjoy a lot of attention and personal care from management. A good example is Schaefer Automotive which does auto repair in Belleville IL and nearby areas.

Compare prices

Finding the best deals means you will definitely be making comparisons. At least you won’t be slapping yourself on the forehead when you find out the mechanic down the block is charging less for the tune-up you just had done.

“Don’t just settle with the estimate from the first place that you go. Always get at least three estimates in as much detail as possible, preferably from the three best places from your previous search for a good mechanic. Ask questions about the estimates and also about the actual service you would receive.”

After everything has been said and done, you’ll be able to take the night off and go to town knowing that your baby is in good hands with Belleville auto repair experts.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Finding an Auto Mechanic That You Trust, The Simple Dollar, May 21, 2013)

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