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Diagnosing your check engine light and what it means


Jul 26, 2014 Company Updates 0 Comments

Common Symptoms of  Check Engine Lights 

In this fast growing technology world, vehicles are made up with innovative as well as complex interconnected systems. The performances of these systems are perfectly monitored by OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system in the vehicle. When it goes something wrong with any of the components in the vehicle, the OBD computer system senses it and sends a signal. When a check engine light is turned on, it is a signal that there is some issue with the emission control system of the vehicle.


People get troubled when check engine light or malfunction indicator light (MIL) comes on suddenly. Many think that the engine is going to break or fall apart. But the fact is you never feel any difference while driving or there is no distraction caused in engine’s performance when a warning light comes on. But you should never ignore check engine light. There are a variety of different reasons that the signal may come on. May be it is a warning signal for any possible mechanical failure to your car.


Here are some tips to identify some common check engine warning light issues:


Check engine light keeps flickering or turns on and off


If your car’s warning light turns on and off or it keeps flickering while driving, it may be due to different driving conditions. You can check this by driving through different roads such as cities or highways. When the signal light is on, carefully check the performance of your vehicle and note whether there is any difference from normal driving. If you feel any noticeable change in performance, contact your Belleville auto service for further evaluation.


A steady check engine light


If your check engine light illuminates and stays on and there are also noticeable performance issues, then there is a major component failure in vehicle’s emission control system and engine control system, and it is potentially unsafe to drive the vehicle. In such cases it is important to take your car to a Belleville IL auto repair center for through diagnosis and repair.


Light illuminates constantly


Sometimes check engine light illuminates constantly while driving and there is no performance or driving issues with your car. It indicates a permanent damage in emission control system of the car. It is good to get your vehicle serviced as quickly as possible to avoid the future driving issues.


Check engine light blinks in a steady pattern


Sometimes check engine light comes on and stays on and blinks in a steady pattern when the car is accelerated. It is a crucial warning which indicates your vehicle’s emission control system is failing and catalytic converter is overheating which may cause engine to misfire. In such situation, you need to pull over your car to a safe place and seek the help of an auto repair mechanic.


It is important to bring your car to a professional auto repair in Belleville IL who has the latest resources and tools to locate and resolve the issue. At Schaefer Automotive repair O’Fallon IL, we have certified technicians to analyze your vehicle’s OBD and we are also prepared to run additional diagnostics and testing if needed, until we can locate the exact cause of the vehicle issue. Once we have pinpointed the issue, we will let you know about it and suggest you about the necessary repair steps to be taken to get your vehicle back on road as quickly as possible.



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