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What does the check engine light usually mean?


Jul 26, 2014 Company Updates 0 Comments

Common Symptoms of  Check Engine Lights  In this fast growing technology world, vehicles are made up with innovative as well as complex interconnected systems. The performances of these systems are perfectly monitored by OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system in the vehicle. When it goes something wrong with any of the components in the vehicle, the OBD computer system senses it and sends a signal. When a check engine light is turned on, it is a signal that there is some issue with the emission control system of the vehicle.   People get troubled when check engine light or malfunction indicator light (MIL) comes on suddenly. Many think that the engine is going to break or fall apart. But the fact is you never feel any difference while driving or there is no distraction caused in engine’s performance when a warning light comes on. But you should never ignore check engine light. read more

1965 Belvedere Vintage Air Conditioning Repair


Jul 23, 2014 Company Updates 0 Comments

We just finished this project on a truly great classic car, the 1965 Plymouth Belvedere. Installing a new air conditioning system. Auto repairs for any vehicle vintage or new, are what we focus on and getting your vehicle back on the road is foremost.  For all of your custom or classic car repairs or renovations contact Ben or Eric. We are located centrally in Belleville, IL